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  1. Lucky 3 presents Lucky Me?

    Mixed Media


    Kling & Bang

  2. Catalogue text

    Welcome to Lucky Me? brought to you by the Lucky 3.The Lucky 3 are of Filipino origins. The exhibition is a nostalgic interpretation of Filipino culture. The title of the exhibition is a wordplay on the ubiquitous Filipino instant noodle brand; Lucky Me!, a staple of every Filipino household. 

    Unreliable narrators at best, our voices speak of diaspora- of people experiencing constant displacement, renovation and salvaging heritage in the face of cultural loss. Motifs from Filipino iconography are deconstructed and chaotically reconstructed anew, thus evoking a sense of nostalgia and belonging to a people disenfranchised racially and on a socio-economic level. Hopefully this will be a learning experience to our mostly white audience, a peek into the reality of Iceland's Filipino community. 

    First and foremost this event is a celebration of the Filipino immigrants in this country- of a dislocated and displaced people still trying to carve out a space thay can call home. Mabuhay and Salamat.

    Lucky 3 is a collective founded by Darren Mark, Dýrfinna Benita Basalan, and Melanie Ubaldo; Icelandic artists of Filipino origins.